Breathalyzer Refusal

All Rhode Island & Massachusetts Courts

Alcohol driving related offenses can have a large impact both in the short and long term. People obtain information from various sources and most times those sources are not attorneys. If you have been charged with such a crime or violation, an attorney can provide very valuable advice regarding how these charges will impact your life.

In Rhode Island, first offense breathalyzer refusals are civil in nature and handled at the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal. A second offense is considered a crime and tried by the Rhode Island criminal courts. Driving under the Influence (DUI) is always a criminal offense. Both of these charges have many penalties, which you should discuss with an attorney before going to court. Attorney Rui P. Alves provides free consultations to discuss the vast implications of these charges a possible loss of liscense to immigration consequences if you are not a US Citizen.

From the moment you hire Attorney Alves, first, he will begin to formulate a plan of defense based upon the facts of your case and the controlling law. Second, he provides realistic advice on what you will expect to encounter from the moment you enter the courthouse, until your case is resolved. Attorney Alves’ knowledge extends beyond the law to local procedures and day to day courthouse developments.

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