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Divorce Lawyer

As an experienced, Rhode Island and Massachusetts Family Court trial lawyer, Attorney Rui P. Alves practices before all Rhode Island and Massachusetts State Courts, including the Providence, Kent, Washington and Newport Family Courts. He strives to help his clients get their fair day in court and their proper justice each time he steps before a court of law.  Rui P. Alves is a tri-lingual attorney who is fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish. He learned these languages because he is a native…

Divorce Lawyer RI – Child Support – Child Custody

Attorney Rui P. Alves specializes in Rhode Island child custody, Massachusetts child custody, Rhode Island child support, and matters involving the relocation of minor children. He brings divorce law experience and compassion to every case he handles.
Whether you are in Rhode Island or Massachusetts courts, Attorney Alves will help guide you to achieving the best outcome for your important divorce matter. Call Attorney Alves at (401) 942-3100 or fill out our form for a FREE consultation to assess your legal rights.
Divorce Law

Divorce Law

Whether you are looking to Divorce Lawyer in RI or a Massachusetts divorce lawyer, who you choose as your lawyer can be one of the most important decisions. Call my office today to discuss your options and what is important…

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Child Custody

Child Custody & Visitation Lawyer ServicesWhether you or a loved one is involved in a divorce or child custody matter, where you have a child or children but were not married, who you choose to represent you may be the…

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Child Support

Child Support

Whether you are looking to Divorce in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, who you choose as your lawyer can be one of the most important decisions. Call my office today to discuss your options and what is important to you in…

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Client Testimonials

  • “I had a very complicated domestic case that lasted over a year. Rui was very knowledgeable and strategic in all aspects of the case. The custody portion was very emotional, and Rui was able to find amicable solutions in which the children were put above the fray. He was there with wise counsel and referrals helping to set up outside support systems.” – Five Star Rating on Avvo
  • “I hired Rui to assist me in a defendant position. He always kept the line of communication open and followed through with what he said he was going to do. More importantly, he cares and is understanding. If you need someone to support you in a time of need, Rui is that person.” – Five Star Rating on Avvo
  • “I needed a lawyer to assist me with my divorce. Over the next 6-9 months, Rui was fantastic to me in that he was helpful, understanding, kind, honest and supportive towards me. It was a difficult time and he showed compassion towards me yet created a backbone of strength that I did not feel I possessed at the time. He had my best interest at heart. Rui is incredibly intelligent and a good man.” – Five Star Rating on Avvo
  • “I hired Rui Alves when my husband suddenly filed for divorce. The case involved two states and crossed international borders. I was afraid of the outcome considering my husband’s dishonest and dubious behavior. Rui guided me step by step and helped me calmly and successfully move through the entire process until the whole case was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. Rui never left one stone unturned or any angle unexplored. He was always one step ahead of the game.” – Five Star Rating on Avvo
  • “Rui, led a team to represent me in a defendant position. The situation was complicated due to some misclaiming from the plaintiff. Rui overcame all objections professionally and put together a plan to resolve all issues as well as negotiating a fair settlement. Rui Alves is a highly qualified attorney and a credit to himself, the lawyer profession and Barton Gilman LLP.” – Five Star Rating on Avvo
  • “Mr. Alves was a very respectful, & determined lawyer. He did not make any promises but told me the facts pertaining to my case along with possible outcomes. He kept to his word and did not make it down after multiple court dates. He got me exactly what I deserved in my child support case. I will be using him in the future.” – Five Star Rating on Avvo
  • “In a very emotional and scary time in my life, attorney Alves was very helpful, considerate and informative. He explained and guided me through the process as I was scared to lose my children. If you want to sit down with an honest and trustworthy lawyer, Attorney Alves is the person for you.” – Five Star Rating on Avvo
  • “Rui approached my situation with empathy and professionalism. He kept a constant line of communication and was always available to answer any questions. He is highly motivated and extremely driven – he accepts nothing less than success. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer, Rui is the lawyer you want in your corner.” – Five Star Rating on Avvo
  • “Rui was extremely helpful, considering my lack of legal knowledge. He was upfront and honest about everything and didn’t give me any false hopes. Exceeded my expectations with everything. He’s confident and friendly. His office staff is great too!” – Five Star Rating on Avvo
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