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Being charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Operating Under the Influence is one of the most common criminal charges in Rhode Island or Massachusetts.  If you are pulled over the police on suspicion of drunk driving the police may ask you questions such as: Where you were this evening?  Where you coming from a bar?  Whether you were operating the vehicle? How much did you have to drink? Where are you headed to?  It is important to know that you are not obligated to answer these questions to police.  The police may then ask you to submit to field sobriety tests such as the “walk and turn” test or “heal to toe” test.  It is equally important that you are not required to take these tests.  These test will be used against you to determine if you have “clue” or indicating factors that you are under the influence of alcohol.

At the initial free consultation be prepared to discuss these questions with Attorney Alves.  Your personal history such as employment, family status and other important, activities  on the day in question, circumstances of the arrest, reason for the arrest and if an accident was involved the facts of the accident. Frequent Questions posed by past clients include: Will I lose my license?  Will I go to jail?  Will this go on my criminal record?  How will the affect my car insurance?

It is very important to discuss your matter with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  Attorney Alves has experienced hundreds of these cases in the district court.  If you case involves both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, you will need an attorney you is familiar with issues in both states.

Attorney Rui P. Alves provides free consultations to discuss the vast implications of these charges a possible loss of license to immigration consequences if you are not a US Citizen.

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