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Domestic Violence Can Escalate to the Workplace

A recent shooting at a Lowe’s store in NC that was linked to a domestic violence issue between a husband and wife, highlights the need for more control over workplaces and employees who may be victims of or dealing with domestic violence at home.

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Local employers to learn how to prevent domestic violence in the workplace

Melissa Hankins
September 21, 2011

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – A stunning display of how domestic violence can spill over into the workplace occurred locally Monday night, leaving Lowe’s employees devastated.

A woman was working the register when her husband came in and shot her to death. Then, he killed himself.

“Oh, it was just absolutely heartbreaking. But it really highlights the reason we’ve been planning the summit for months now,” says Kelly Coyne.

Coyne works with United Family Services. The Charlotte non-profit will host a conference October 7th and 8th, designed to help businesses prevent tragedy.

“What’s really important for employers to know is that they have domestic violence victims that are already there,” Coyne says. “This isn’t something that happens to those people that work at those types companies. It is really prevalent at all companies.”

“Telling Amy’s Story” is a movie to be screened at the summit, and it tells the story of a woman murdered during her shift at Verizon. Her death inspired managers there to make huge changes.

“They have a fabulous domestic violence in the workplace policy and have really put their money and their training where their mouth is,” Coyne says.

Verizon gives employees time off to get restraining orders and other help, it provides conference rooms for conversations that can’t be held at home.

The company relocates workers if they need to move – the lists goes on, and it all benefits both victims and the company.

“If the compelling reason to save lives isn’t enough for an employer, it really impacts the bottom line. The Department of Labor estimate $5 billion dollars per year is lost to due to domestic violence,” Coyne says.