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Communication during a divorce or child custody dispute

What is the best way to communicate with my spouse or child’s mother while our case is pending in the court?

This very common question which really depends on the parties. Communication is one of the most important factors in relationships and especially in family court disputes.

A breakdown in communication is a leading factor to divorce and child custody disputes. If you believe that the other side will contest what was said between the two of you, one common tool is electronic communication.

Electronic communication can take many forms such as email, text message and the very common use of social media. Email is a very good tool to capture information and can easily be introduced in a court of law to establish communication. There are many different issues surrounding email that should be discussed with an experienced family court attorney. Text messages, one of the most used forms of communication today, can also be a helpful manner to discuss issues. Text messages can be difficult to read as opposed to email. Text messages can easily be lost as many cell carries do not store this information. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media can be a very harmful way to communicate as some of these messages are public and can be seen by third parties. Social media presents a vast array of issues and concerns in a family court proceeding that should be discussed and explored with an attorney.

Communication and the manner of communication with a spouse or child’s parent is just one of the aspects that you may want to discuss with Attorney Alves when you meet.

Seeking the counsel of an experienced Family Law attorney for the information that is specific to your individual situation, and the best course of action for you to follow, is always the wisest choice.
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