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Electronic filing in Family Court

The Rhode Island Family Court is the process of converting their computer system to allow for the electronic filing of documents with the Court. Electronic filing will be a process where an attorney will be able to file new cases and pleadings in existing cases via website. Currently, to start a new divorce, child custody, child support and other family court matters, a paper version must be sent to the clerk’s office for processing. This process can be very time consuming and can sometimes lead to documents being misplaced or lost. Once processed the documents would then be returned to the party filing them to be served upon the other party. Electronic filing will bring other features that have been present in the federal court system for many years. An attorney will be able to search the papers filed on a cases and review the scheduled dates on a matter. This will save the time of contacting the already very busy clerk’s office via telephone to get case information. These are just a few of the exciting features that electronic filing will bring to the family court. Massachusetts Probate and Family Court is currently commencing the process of bringing electronic filing to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you have questions about a family court matter in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, contact Attorney Alves at 401-942-3100 or

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