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If You Are Getting a Divorce, Get Off Your Social Networks

It has been in the news over and over, people who have had information taken from their conversations on social networks, and used against them in everything from divorce hearings to criminal proceedings. Your social musings on the Internet are public, and are therefore not privileged information. That means that they can be used as evidence against you in a court of law. Something to keep in mind if you are embroiled in any kind of legal dispute or charge.

The simple way to eliminate the possibility of someone using your personal conversations against you, is not to have them online, or through email for that matter. If they are truly personal and private, then they should be had between you and the other person involved only. Otherwise, mum’s the word.

Keeping a tight rein on your anger will help. If you are in a place where you can at least realize how damaging a rant on Facebook might be to your divorce or criminal hearing, you’ll be much more cautious about what you say about it, and to whom.

And as unfortunate as it is, if you cannot keep yourself from sharing things online, stay off the computer. When you do find yourself ready to re-enter the online world, remember that it is not only okay, but actually a very wise and healthy decision to remove your now ex-spouse or accomplices from your friends. Once the case is settled or decided, keep your conversations about the situation to a minimum, and even then, only in private conversations, never in a public forum.

Our new networking abilities are a great tool, and wonderful addition to the online experience. We simply need to remember to keep them in perspective and use them wisely.