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Revenge in Divorce: Is it worth it?

You caught your spouse with someone else, and now you’re going to make them pay. Your spouse left you and the children, and now you want revenge.

Divorce is already one of the most stressful things that a family can go through. Adding your anger and possibly violence to the mix is not the solution. It is completely understandable to be upset and very angry even when a marriage does not make it. But letting that hurt turn into aggression or any kind of violence will compound the problem and bring even more sorrow to your family, as well as yourself.

In addition to the emotional aspects of carrying your anger through your divorce, there is a very real financial burden and time delay that will occur if you plan to be disagreeable throughout the process of your divorce.

Clients need to ask themselves what their ultimate goal is in obtaining the divorce, what kind of relationship they want to have with their ex-spouse (if any at all), what assets they want to claim or keep, and most importantly – if there are children involved, to what degree are parties willing to go to achieve their ends.

Rui Alves is the kind of divorce attorney who can help you sort out your differences within the boundaries of the family law system. Clients often are so enraged or emotional during the divorce process that they forget that having a vendetta out against their soon to be ex will only prolong the process, cost more money, and do more emotional damage to the entire family.

Additionally, if you are seeking a divorce on the grounds of your being angry over a single incident, you need to evaluate the situation and ask yourself if it is the best course of action for your circumstances. Anger will only cloud your judgment and cause you to do and say things that you will regret later.

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