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RI Child Custody Issues ~ The Best Interest of the Child

In RI divorce cases where there are minor children, custody can become a major issue in the settlement of the divorce. Most parents find the division of their time with their child impossible to fathom. The negotiating of things like who will get to have them for Christmas and other holidays can turn normally rational adults into bickering forces, each determined to get their own way.

Fortunately, the family court has a very structured guideline when it comes to handling child custody issues between parties who cannot agree on their own. The court uses a standard that determines what is in the best interest of the child to decide on custody placement and visitation schedules.

When you are trying to decide what would be in the best interest of your child, try to see things from their perspective and examine the benefits and damages any decision will have on their well-being. For instance, if having a split custody schedule would cause a lot of shifting and moving around for your child, it might not be in their best interest and would cause more stress for them than benefit.

No matter what you decide with your spouse regarding your mutual children, remember to keep any negativity toward one another to yourselves. Your children are going through enough already and need you to be strong and supportive to help them understand and navigate the changes ahead for them.

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