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Shared Parernting after Divorce in Massachusetts

“Many people think that shared parenting after divorce is already a reality, but in truth, family courts order it in only about 15 percent of cases” in Massachusetts according to a recent article. Proposed legislation would allow for shared parenting as the norm as opposed to less than the 1/5 of the time. Shared parenting has many benefits to the children, as stated in this article, including better grades for children in school. Shared parenting allows both parents to stay actively involved in the day to day activities

” A key provision of the proposed legislation encourages judges to assign no less than one-third of the parenting time to each parent, while preserving protections against unfit parents or domestic violence.”

In many cases, the parent “visiting” with the children can get less than 25% with their children, causing a determent to the child’s well being. The proposed law would allow the judge to protect the children against non fit parents or in cases where domestic violence is an issue. Shared parenting may not work in every case, but according to studies it has been very beneficial for the children on a both short term and long term basis.

Seeking the counsel of an experienced Family Law attorney for the information that is specific to your individual situation, and the best course of action for you to follow, is always the wisest choice. Attorney Alves provides practical advise to achieve the best solution in a troubling time.
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